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Tender loving culture

“From the first day putting on the white coat, each doctor must take patients’ benefits beyond self-interests and always put patients in the first place.”

Dr. Chin-Lon Lin
CEO of Medical Mission


“Patients, our everlasting concern. Hope that everyone can do professional things with voluntary mind and each person can be a spiritual luminary of Tzu-Chi.”

Dr. Ning-Sheng Lai
Superintendent of Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital

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Volunteer Culture

“ Amitabha! How are you?” You will receive warm greeting from volunteers when you step in the Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital. Volunteers call themselves "the mobile information counter" and are compassionate to assist you with a grateful heart. Our professionals also have voluntary mind and, at the same time, are confident to provide good quality services with a tender loving heart.

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Mission & Vision

Our mission
Respecting Life, man-centered medical care

Our vision
To become the cornerstone of life guarding

Our goals

  1. To become medical center in Yun-Lin, Chia-Yi and Tainan, versed in both high quality    medical care and service attitude
  2. To develop into a patient-centered geriatric center
  3. To go deep into the community, providing preventive measures and health education, and become the role model for Health Promoting Hospital


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Holistic Medicine

It is our commitment to holistic medicine. Our goal is not only to cure the illness but also care for every patient to achieve body, mind and spirit well-being.


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